"Fine" and "DC" vanish

• Nov 1, 2011 - 14:30

I'm a Musescore beginner using v1.1 on Win7. Have used Lilypond for years, though I still have to read the manual all the time to get good results.

I entered the bass line of a cantata into Musescore, added a Fine and a DC to each of two arias, save to PDF and it looks fine. Then I save the .mscz file and close Musescore. When I open the .mscz score again, DC and Fine have vanished from the two arias. Happens consistently.

A bug? Or am I doing something wrong?


How are you adding the markings? By dragging from the palette? That would be the correct way. are you also then trying to edit any of the text properties - changing font or formatting or positioning using the text properties dialog? That does sometimes cause problems, although usually it,s the opposite of what you describe (markings disappear at first, then reappear on reload). It might help to attach the score, but probably more heful wold be if you made a video of this happening using something like screenr.com and posted a link to that.

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