Spacing Default too small

• Nov 3, 2011 - 15:21

I have recently opened a file with very small spacing. That's fine. When I attempted to create a new score however, the default spacing seemed to have been set to that smaller spacing. How can I fix this?

Windows 7
Musescore 1.0



What do you mean by "spacing" here? MuseScore has several types of spacing - the size of the space between staff lines (the default is set in edit / preferences, but per score in layout / page settings)), the spacing between notes (current score set in general style / measure), the spac between staves within a system and between systems (both in general style / page), etc.

Also, are you really still using 1.0? Definitely update to 1.1 - lots of improvements and fixes.

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The Layout menu controls the settings for the current score, but as I mentioned above, the *default* values for space/scaling (both labels are used in the dialog) are given by edit->preferences. This cvalue provides the starting value for space/scaling in new scores creaed m scratch.. So presumably you changed that default value.

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