Pedal line symbol by default in the new version (complain)

• Nov 5, 2011 - 06:06

I just updated to Musescore 1.1, from 1.0; and I found it fine until I discovered that the pedal line has changed to another symbol. I liked the pedal line with the letters "Ped" that was default in Musescore 1.0, this other one is ugly, I dislike it, confusing (at least for those that usually read or write scores with the other symbol), and I do not want it. Also, the worst detail is that even the scores that I made with musescore 1.0, using the "Ped" symbol, are changed to the other symbol automatically when I open the file with this new version. I know that I can change each line individually to the other one, with right click > Proprieties > Line symbol. But I do not want to be changing it everytime, I want that the line with the symbol "Ped" become default again. How do I put it in default?

Also a related question: is it possible to put the ending symbol as default too (the one that is like asterisk)?

I also suggest you to put the pedal line with the symbol "Ped" as the default in the cooming versions, and not that other one.

Thank you.


The default on my version1.1 is the symbol I'm used to seeing:

Is this not what you want??

A picture would be helpful, and also which OS you are using.

There doesn't seem to be a way to set the default from the UI at the moment, but you can add things to palettes by holding down the left mouse button on the menu title, and then checking "Enable Editing". You can then drag things from the Symbol palette to it, so perhaps you could do it this way?

The only problem is that your new symbol probably won't be recognised in playback

Windows XP Home SP3
MuseScore 1.1 R4611

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See this thread:

Turns out to have been a bug. Nothing you can do for now that I know of in scores created in 1.0 except make the change manually, but the problem will go away for new scores once you delete the custom palette file that was created in 1.0, as explained in the above thread. Even if you don't remember customing your palette, it turns out that operations like adding new time signatures have this effect.

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