'Voices' stopped working

• Nov 5, 2011 - 10:58

I'm new here and need some help. I am trying to enter notes into a piano score. I want the upper voice in the treble cleft to be 4 quarter notes and the lower voice in the treble cleft to be a whole note. I have been successful doing this just a few days ago then suddenly nothing happens when I click on voice 2. I don't get the color and the second voice can't be entered. I tried cntl+i cntl+2 and that didn't work. Did I somehow turn off the ability to enter different voices? What changed or what am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.


Like I said, this worked a few days ago but today I can't get the 2nd voice to 'take'. I followed the Youtube example to the letter and the 2nd voice does not turn green and will not enter on my staff. I must have changed a setting. Is there a setting that turns voicing off?

I exited MuseScore and got back in and now it works. Something I did wrong, no doubt., to get it all mixed up. Anyway, as they say, "When all else fails, reboot!" Thanks for your help.

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I just experienced this same problem -- after working on a multi-voice scorer for a some time, switching to an alternate in a newly created measurer stopped working. Restarting MS corrected that condition. Unfortunately, I can't reproduce this now. I tried repeating some of editing steps I did before the problem first occurred, but to no avail.

A question: is there any information to be gleaned from MS's saved "session file" that would be helpful in discovering what steps might have triggered this issue?

You have to put in the second voice BEFORE you put in the first voice. If you do not see a rest for the first voice, try moving the second voices rests around. Tested on MuseScore 1.2-5470. I don't know about 1.3 but i will try soon.

Hi it's almost a year later but I can confirm the same issue.

I could not change to the second voice but as suggested earlier in this thread. Closing and restarting Musescore fixed it.

Thanks Pete

PS By the way i'm new to musescore. Fantastic program, a real work of art, love it :)

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Since you're new, are you *absolutely* sure you were doing it correctly? It's an extremely common newcomers' mistake to try changing voices *before* entering Note Entry mode. And as far as I can tell, the person who started this thread was also brand new to MuseScore at the time.

If there were an actual issue here, it seems strange that two people would run into it right when they started using the program, but no one else would have seen it at all in the past two years. On the other hand, it is by no means completely implausible. Newcomers tend to do things in their exploration of the program - pressing buttons in unexpected sequences, etc - that those of us more familiar with the program would not be doing. So it's certainly possible that some odd combination of actions you might have done might have somehow locked out the voices facility. Like, oh I don't know, pressing the "Voice 2" button 27 times in a row expecting it to pop up a dialog or otherwise "do" something obvious. You never know :-). So if you can think of anything you might have done "strange: right before this happened, you might want to see if you can make it happen again.

I have had problems in the past whilst clicking on the Voice buttons but I'm pretty sure it was me making a mistake and not selecting Note Entry mode first or not clicking on the button correctly. Now I always use the keyboard shortcut method of entering Voices 2, 3, 4 and have never had a voice over-write issue.

Using MS 1.2:
Click on the measure to select it (select the measure, not a note within the measure). Then press n (and release) and then hold the [Ctrl] key and press i followed by 2 then release those keys. Now enter your notes.

(For keyboard players, you may find this easiest by pressing n with your right index finger, holding down the left [Ctrl] key with your left thumb and pressing i with your second finger of the right hand and then doinking the 1 button with your right index finger).

Note that the shortcuts are different in version 2.0.

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