Causes of a crash in MuseScore?

• Nov 8, 2011 - 23:15

I use my laptop most of the time and I think when it heats up underneath, that's when some crashes occur, as I can't reproduce them after.

I understand there's CPU and memory leak?


Which version of Musescore are you using (the latest 1.1?)
Which operating system?

Why do you think Musescore has a memory leak? Are you monitoring the memory usage of
the mscore process?

More details please!

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I use both 1.1 and the nightly builds.

I just want to learn a bit more on why a crash only sometimes happens - I suspect it is the laptop overheating (really because I don't use a flat surface).

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I doubt that the heat from the laptop is causing any MS crashes. A more likely explanation is that the MS crashes are related to timing of some event(s) and that timing is "worse" when your system is very busy (timing related defects, or race conditions can be the most difficult type to debug) At the same time, when your laptop is busy it also gets hot. So the heat isn't causing the crashes--rather the heat and the crashes are side-effects of a busy system.

Get someone with a blower to blow out the CPU heat sink. it's likely getting clogged with dust. Overheating is probably the most common issue on laptops.

There's no such thing as a "CPU leak" pre se but MS does suffer from undue memory usage, at least under Windows. Try loading/closing/loading a few large scores several times. Watch the RAM usage go up each time.

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