Unnamed staff and plain text.

• Nov 18, 2011 - 18:22


Is it possible to add unnamed staff to instrument list? And also plain text feature. I use MuseScore in my music studies but making homework is little messy because I usually need only single staff without any instrument assigned. I can use some vocal staff or other single instrument staff but I think unnamed staff would be great for such tasks. I also haven't discovered any good possiilities yet to add simple text to sheets Sibelius have this feature.

MuseScore is great program!


Unamed staff is a good idea.

Just to be sure, do you know you can delete the instrument name and short name by selecting them and press Del ?

Regarding text, you can add any text by selecting a note and Ctrl + T. At the bottom, you will see a toolbar to change font, text style etc... You can then move the text around by dragging it. Another way to add free text is to use a Frame .

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Yes it is all possible but I t also can be simpler. A little time can be saved when extra formatting is not essential. I looked frames but I didn't find possibility to just add simple text into them there are possible to add title, poet but not plain text.. Example: I need to create simple scale and then need add some explainig long analytical text to somewhere on the page. I can use staff text but then it is connected to staff or single note it is not necessary.

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I wrote the world's shortest plugin to add an unnamed staff to a score - you can install it via the Plugins link at the right if this page.

You can also just use one of the lead sheet templates, which already contain one unnamed staff. Or, if you like, customize it and save your own template.

Free text would indeed be nice, but I could see that getting out of hand. After all, next thing peolple would be wanting word wrap, then search and replace and other word processing features. Really, if you're trying to add more text than can be easily created as Staff Text, the better way would be use a word processor for the text, then insert notated snippets as graphics. Version 2.0 will make it easier to create these snippets, but there is still plenty of room for improvement in that whole process.

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That depends whether you consider MuseScore to be a complete publishing system for music, or just the actual notation.

I would dearly love better text editing features for the creation of title pages, forewords, acknowledgements, performance notes etc.

If we could prepare all that in a text editor, and then import as an RTF file, complete with formatting, that would be awesome.

As things stand, not even having wordwrap is a major bugbear when trying to edit some of the chunks of text I need to include sometimes.

I suspect that this feature may be some way down the line before it is even considered though :)

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