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• Oct 14, 2016 - 19:12

I'm new to Musescore, and creating my first lead sheet presented no problems at all. However, I've opened a number of musicxml files and the behavior of certain chords was odd.

Any chord that contained a flat, was presented with a space before and one after the flat symbol. So a chord that should show as Ebmaj7 would show as E b maj7. Deleting and reinserting these odd chords comes out exactly the same.

Is there some setting that came with the musicxml file that I need to change to correct this?




Are you entering the flash as a b (the regular letter) or as the flat symbol? Don't do the later.
Which version of MuseScore, what font, MuseJazz? Can you the a score showing the issue?

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The flash is entered as b and the version of musescore is 2.0.3 and I'm using the standard cords. The first sheet I prepared from scratch entering each chord and the ones with flats came out properly. The sheets created from musicxml entered chord values with spaces in any chord with a flat.

Attached is the sheet I'm having problems with.


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