Unusual (?) Time signaure

• Oct 14, 2016 - 21:41

Win 7 & 2.0.3

I have a song with alternate bars set as 6:4 and 4:4
The original has a time signature as shown in the attachment (001.jpg) and alternate bars have the correct structure, ie 6 beats followed by 4 beats followed by 6 beats and so on, Nowhere (other than the time sig) are there any other time sigs.

Obviously I can set the song, changing time sig every bar but that looks unusual even when I set he time sigs as not visible in the inspector.

Is it possible to create a time signature as shown in 001.jpg, if so how, and if I can, will MuseScore automatically set alternate bars as 6:4 followed by 4:4 or is the unusual time signature just cosmetic?

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No automatic way (yet). Similar to what Shoichi suggested; see the 2nd section in the attachment.

1. Start of with normal 6/4 time signature.
2. Right-click to open up its properties
3. Change the text to 64/44

Then open up the Measure Properties (right click first measure) and use the arrows/apply buttons to relatively fast change the Actual Duration of every 2nd measure to 4/4.

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Many thanks for the replies.
No reason not to use 10:4, I was just copying the (poor) arrangement I have, part of my project where I'm trying to keep changes of structure etc to a minimum.

I'll use the ideas you all mention when I next continue the work.

Thanks again.

Ah, the classic Getty piece. I did my own male choir arrangement of that one (in MS of course), and did notate each time change... a few sequential measures ended up not following the alternating 6/4 4/4. The original I have for this one also changes time sig on each measure.

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