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• Nov 26, 2011 - 11:46

Hi all,

is there a DTD or an XML schema of some sorts available for the
MuseScore file format?



No there is no DTD or XML schema of the format and it's not a good idea to write a line of code to parse or write MuseScore file format. At least, now. If you want to import anything in MuseScore, it's better using MusicXML. MusicXML does have a DTD and XSD and is supported by 150+ software package including MuseScore.

Why do you ask?

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This time it's more theoretical and has nothing to do with MEI. I just want to learn more about how different notation programs organize their data. A lot can be seen from looking at actual MuseScore files, but you never have the complete picture of what MuseScore is able to store.

Thanks for the link, that's already giving some hints.


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