How much memory does MuseScore use in your computer?

• Mar 26, 2009 - 21:18

I'm trying to debug my installation. Can you help me by posting your results?
1. If your installation is new, great. If you have installed soundfonts, please get it back to default (:data/piano1.sf2). If you have changed the default open scenario, go back to start demo Promenade.mcx.
2. Open Windows task manager so you can see the mscore.exe process when it comes up.
3. Open MuseScore which should show demo score. Observe mscore.exe and the memory usage it reported, then start playback, observing the maximum usage, which should happen near the end of the playback.
4. Quit MuseScore. Observe if it terminates on the task manager. Then re-run and average the results.

Please report something like this:
A public computer, Win XP Pro, SP3a, 38-42MB, terminates properly.

On my own computer, it uses significantly higher memory, and it remains in memory after termination. Linux: feel free to post too for comparison, modifying the instructions of course. Thanks for your help!


Using r.1667 the Memory Usage stayed at 38MB through out the steps you outlined above. When I was changing the preferences back afterward it went up to 42.7MB. Mscore.exe terminates properly for me. (Personal laptop, Win XP Home, SP3.)

my PC, Win XP sp1, 1st time 57-62, 2nd time 57-59MB, both times terminate and leave mscore.exe behind (at same size).

However, in the process of experimentation, I discover that mscore will terminate properly if I type in a wrong soundfont deliberately (e.g. :data/piano3.sf2). Upon startup, it gave me the error message that sequencer will be disabled. Then when I quit, mscore.exe will be gone as well. I tried it several times, and it consistently quit without leaving a process behind!

I think this is significantly smaller than Finale, Sibelius, Notion, etc. all the biggies. It could even be smaller than the lightweight ones like NoteWorthy -- even though I haven't used it for many years, so I can't recall its size, but I believe it to be in the same ballpark. I'm impressed. I guess I'm curious to see if other users are seeing the same memory profile...

As I reported on the other thread, with David's tip of mscore -F, I was able to reduce memory footprint back into the normal range in TWO steps. I can see some light inside this tunnel now... That is strange, so the following experiment was what I did next...

1) use mscore -F to reset MuseScore and run demo, the last time I tried my memory was 37MB.
2) Edit > Preferences: the memory immediately jumped to 41MB.
3) Go to the I/O tab: memory jumped to 45MB.
4) Press OK (i.e. no change). Memory stayed at 45MB. (Even though the configuration was exactly the same as before.)

Can you try and report your result? Many thanks!

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Does it seem to you memory was allocated while going through the preferences screens, but not released afterward?

It may be a little more complicated than that... Why I got higher memory every time previously must be because my prior stored preferences was read and then memory allocated based on that preference, even though again the allocated memory aren't necessary or used... That would explain why I was able to reduce memory usage in TWO steps...

Well, just an hypothesis. Awaiting more experimental data from you all to verify or come up with alternate hypothesis.

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