stem overlaps next note

• Nov 28, 2011 - 23:01

Am attaching a score that shows a case where MS sometimes displays a stem overlapping the next note. Measure 1 and measure 5 have the same notes; measure 5 illustrates the overlapped condition.


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thanks for the suggestion. I extracted this problem measure from a piece where my preference is to have 4 measures per line. Increasing the stretch fixes the overlap at the cost of an oddball 3-measure line. I think this is a layout bug; there seems to be plenty of horizontal space in that measure, but MS is confused a bit due to the displaced "d" note head.

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It's space that is the problem.

The problem bar is a little over half the size of bar 1, so consequently MuseScore hasn't got room to space things out properly, given that the crotchet A in Voice 1 should sit midway between the first two crotchets in voice 2.

If you want to keep four bars per line (why? seems a little anal to me) then you will need to reduce the scale to compensate.

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found a workaround that works better for me; I decreased the stretch on measures 6,7,8 -- that did the trick and preserved my anal 4-measures per line ;-) I still think that the MS layout could do a better job avoiding overlapping elements, but I'm moving on to other things now. Thanks for the help!


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