working slow on Ubuntu 16 and stops/crashes

• Oct 25, 2016 - 20:52

I recently installed 2.0.3 on Ubuntu, i love the software but it seems to work pretty slow for note input and scrolling (i tried different files) , it also took quite a while to load an MXL, got stuck a couple of times, and the end it opened the file but very slow.
i have enough free RAM.

any suggestions?



Hard to say unless you attach the file you are having trouble with. if it's especially large, that could be the problem. Or the MusicXML you imported could be corrupt or otherwise not being handled well by MuseScore. There is also a known bug that only shows up if you enable the Navigator window and it is right on the edge of either being able to fit all pages on screen or not (and thus either needing a scroll bar or not); this is worked around by haiding or resizing the Navigator to avoid that condition.

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