Favor Flats during MIDI keyboard Entry?

• Dec 1, 2011 - 18:14

Hi, new Musescore user here, with Finale background. I'm using a MIDI keyboard for entry, but I want to spell chords in this particular piece with flats instead of sharps. For what it's worth I have no key signature because the piece is in a non-traditional mode (think of starting on C and lowering the 2nd,6th,and 7th from a major scale, almost like a natural minor except the 2nd is lowered instead of the 3rd). So I need to flat all Ds, As, and Bs, but Musescore insists on spelling these notes as sharps instead. I have to go back and manually fix it, or play the wrong note and move it up using arrow keys (not really possible when playing a chord).

In Finale there was an option to "Favor Sharps" or "Favor Flats." Is there an equivalent in MuseScore? I've searched help and forums and not found anything. The word "enharmonic" does not even appear in the PDF user guide. This is really slowing me down, any assistance would be appreciated.


I don't know any automatic way to do what you suggest, but there is a kind of workaround. After entering all your notes, select all, hit the up arrow, then down. "White notes" will go back to how they started, but sharps will end up being respelled as flats. It also occurs to me you could try setting the key to Ab before entering the notes, which would hopefully cause black keys to be spelled with flats (I don't use MIDI entry, so I don't know is that is actually true), then change the key signature to C, which definitely preserves the flats.

There are a number of other discussions going on right now about potential changes to how enharmonic spelling is handled, but these mostly center on (computer) keyboard entry, not MIDI. Still, it could be worth perusing them (here on the forum, also in issue tracker).

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