How To Add A Number of Verses Beneath The Music.

• Oct 31, 2016 - 08:12

I am working with small pieces of folk music - maybe 16 bars only. But they can have 10 or more verses. So I want to be able to put them beneath the music something like two abreast, maybe even three.

Currently I can't find even how to put one there.

I add text blocks and can't write in them or I write in one and then keep writing and the writing goes all over the page outside the block! Obviously doing something wrong there.

And the vertical and horizontal frame thing has me beat, too.

Perhaps if I just swallow my pride and ask for a little advice I can get started and figure the other stuff out later....


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but that's what i was trying to use before and getting nowhere with.

it makes a thin rectangle across the screen below the music. fine.

but then I can't write into it despite it saying you can enter text as soon as you've made it.

Eventually I find if i click 'edit' I can then write into it.

But then I find a carriage return at the end of the line takes the text outside that narrow rectangle, down below it, into the space down there...

doesn't look right.

and how am I to get verses two abreast? i was thinking i'd be able to put a number of text frames down there, two abreast, maybe, three deep maybe - six verses.

but still nothing...

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The rectangle extended vertically automagically, at least as soon as you get out of edit mode (i.e. hit Esc)

You could do one frame per verse, but you can also just enter all verses into one frame

1. vers ......

2. vers...

Use spaces to indent properly. Or

1. verse ..... 2. verses....
verse...... verses....

Again, use spaces for the formatting

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Ahhh... thank you for that.

Quite amazing. As you say, ESC and the rectangle expands to cover the text just written.

But there's more - one can then click on the text and move it anywhere on the screen !

But there's more - one can then create another text box and do it again and move the second text up alongside the first - creating a second 'column' of verses.

And a third.....

Not a problem. I checked it really works. Exported it to .pdf and sure enough there it was, all the verses just where I'd put them.

Lovely. Thanks a lot. :)

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