Split a chord between two staves on grand piano

• Nov 3, 2016 - 17:13


often I input notes from my midi keyboard and after input chords that use the two hands on piano keyboard I need to split that chord notes on the two staves of the grand staff.
One of the lacks I've noticed in Musescore is the split chord mode after not input.
I hope this could be possible in future.



If you enter you music on a single treble clef staff, you can right click the staff and select "Split staff". MuseScore will ask for a split point and it will create a F clef staff with the notes below the split point.
If you have a better idea how that would work, feel free to explain it in details (and keep in mind that MuseScore is not only used for piano music)

The possibility currently offered in MuseScore is simplistic and does not allow to follow the changes of the split point that can not be fixed at a known (eg. C3) because who writes for piano does not have a fixed split point for both hands in the same measure. If you ask me to suggest an improvement, a very advanced system comes to mind which is used by Logic DAW and that makes use of a tool called "Voice Separation Tool". With this tool you can draw a split line that meanders through the execution and determines the split in a dynamic and not fixed.
I understand that MuseScore is not a tool dedicated to especially pianists, but I think it needs to be significantly improved the ability to manage the piano scores that, besides the use strictly tied to the piano (not uncommon instrument), are widely used in the field arrangement, in writing simplified scores for strings, saxophone, brass ...(and then explode in various staves).
I am sure that I have not said anything that is new to you and trust in your positive feedback.
Have a good work.


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We already have explode & implode facilities - see Edit / Tools. These will become more sophisticated in future releases.

I have my doubts about the split point facility, though. I have used tools like the one you mention for defining flexible split points, but still, the whole idea of entering music for both hands and then somehow magically converting it into two handed music is problematic. It only really works for rhythmically simplistic music, where the two hands have the same rhythms, no multiple voices, etc. For music of any complexity whatsoever, you pretty much need to enter things voice by voice anyhow. But sure, it couldn't hurt to provide the capability. I do wonder, though, given that only a minority of users use MIDI input to begin with, and this feature only helps with a minority of music, how much of a priority it should be.

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Thanks Marc,

I understand what you mean. However, it would be convenient to be able to handle things with a tool that enable to move/merge/overvrite the notes as well as Finale offers convenient tool called Notes Mover tool.
Anyway I think that a "Cut/copy and Paste" a single note (or group of notes) and merge on other staves could be great. I know, overwrite is already possible, merge I think no.
Such a possibility would help a lot even in the most basic notation for piano and other arrangements applications.
I know that there is an Explode function and I'm glad to read that this feature will be better in the future. :)



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Is there or is there not a place in Musescore to set a split point for a grand staff for piano? No it won't be perfect but it will get most of the notes that should go into the bass clef. I see hear someone saying that you can right click on the staff to do this but here in 2024 it is not showing up. I had a split point 30 years ago in Cubase.

I thought this was asking about the ability to write a chord that's spread between two staves on a grand staff (which I agree is needed, the current workarounds are a bit clumsy).

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