Problem importing triplets from XML

• Dec 7, 2011 - 17:27

I tried to import the enclosed XML which was exported with Encore into MuseScore.

Musescore gets confused with the triplets in measure 9. It imports them as quavers, and therefore the bar becomes "over full".

Select the first note in the bar and click on whole note. The bar is filled with a whole note but three quavers remain. Select the bar and hit delete. It deletes the content of the bar and into the next bar. The next bar is also destroyed since one can't place note any more. In short, the internals are somewhat confused.

I also enclose a score that was fixed up be deleting a few bars more so you know what it should look like.


This example is just as bad. It looks OK until you start editing.

Select the first measure and press delete. It gets confused and deletes stuff from the second measure.

Or select a triplet and delete is. Confusion!!

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Additional information:

oh come all ye faithful Ab.xml
- the "confusion" happens only when using MuseScore 1.1, it does not happen when using the trunk
- the missing triplets are caused by an incomplete export: Encore exports only the tuplet stop, the tuplet start is missing
Note: MuseScore behaviour should still be improved, as an inconsistent score is created.

Silent Night.xml
- the xml file switches voices while inside a tuplet, which is not handled by MuseScore. This is strictly speaking not invalid
MusicXML, but it is unusual (I have never encountered it before).
- same behaviour for the 0.9.6 branch and the trunk
Once again, MuseScore should be able to handle it.

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Hello and thank you for the update. One question: I looked at "Silent Night" in Encore and in MuseScore after the XML import. I can't see tuplets in different voices. As far as I can see, the tuplets are all in voice 1. Which bar are you referring to? Could you paste the XML here.

Sorry to pester you with the problem. I'm sure Encore does a bad job exporting XML, but if we want to win people over to MuseScore one has to offer an easy migration path.

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A snapshot of Silent Night.xml opened in the current 0.9.6 trunk (a.k.a. 1.2 in development) is attached. You will notice incorrectly imported tuplets in measures 3, 4 and 7. They are indicated either by an extra hidden rest in staff 2 (a sign MuseScore could not correctly calculate the note timing) or a tuplet bracket that is upside down.

As I cannot easily include xml here (the website will try to interpret it as html), I'll describe the issue. If you look into the xml file, e.g. measure 3 starts with a note in voice 1 staff 1 that is part of a tuplet. This is followed by a backup, a number of notes in voice 5 staff 2 and voice 2 staff 1, and finally the tuplet continues. I suspect this confuses MuseScore, as a tuplet is typically represented in MusicXML as a continuous sequence of notes.

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I looked at bar 3. You're referring to this XML (attached).

Yes, I can see in the PNG the signs of the confusion (hidden rests, brackets in the wrong direction).

But not only bar 3 has problems. If I import Silent Night in MuseScore 1.1 bar 1 looks perfect (pic 1). But when I select it and hit delete, bar 2 also gets affected (pic 2). That may already be fixed in the development version, I just wanted to mention it again.

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