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Book page Exploring code and data structures jorgk3 0 1 week ago
Book page Finding crashes jorgk3 0 8 months ago
Issue Placing a fret symbol in a fret frame causes crash jorgk3 9 1 year ago
Issue Need to remove all direct uses of abort(). qFatal should be used instead. jorgk3 16 2 years ago
Issue Piano Keyboard doesn't show notes during playback jorgk3 8 3 years ago
Issue [trunk] grace notes don't react to all beam properties settings jorgk3 2 3 years ago
Issue Support unicode character entry (CTRL SHIFT u, code, ENTER) in Linux jorgk3 2 3 years ago
Issue Place holders for minor chords show up in the rendered score. jorgk3 4 3 years ago
Issue Use "b" and "#" rather than "es" and "Is" by default for German chords jorgk3 23 3 years ago
Forum topic WYSIWYG chords in MuseScore 2.0 and how to tweak it, to be more like 1.3 jorgk3 11 3 years ago
Forum topic Problem with German chords and double accidentals jorgk3 48 4 years ago
Issue Issues with cross-staff beams & slurs in imported 1.3 score jorgk3 10 4 years ago
Issue Hiding time signature corrupts score jorgk3 11 4 years ago
Issue Copyright text doesn't remember its position jorgk3 6 5 years ago
Issue More triplet problems - causes crash jorgk3 7 5 years ago
Issue [trunk] colour of "3" in triplet brackets is sometimes wrong jorgk3 6 5 years ago
Issue MuseJazz Font is missing european diacritical characters jorgk3 70 5 years ago
Issue Opening attached 1.1 score with parts causes crash jorgk3 6 5 years ago
Issue Program allows to delete rests in voices 2, 3 and 4 and creates confusion jorgk3 21 5 years ago
Issue Copying from within a tuplet bracket to the same or another or to a normal rest produces strange results jorgk3 84 6 years ago
Forum topic Problems with sound on XP after restoring the system to an earlier state jorgk3 3 6 years ago
Forum topic Musescore no longer working with Jack? jorgk3 9 6 years ago
Issue [trunk] setting beam properties mostly doesn't react to undo. jorgk3 3 6 years ago
Issue [trunk] changing triplet duration - strange effects after undo jorgk3 9 6 years ago
Issue Usability issues when using the issue tracker jorgk3 7 6 years ago