Placing a fret symbol in a fret frame causes crash

• Feb 4, 2012 - 17:29
Reported version
S2 - Critical

Steps to reproduce:
1) create new score
2) create fret frame above the first system
3) drag fret symbol to the frame and let go.

Crash. Referencing null pointer.

Call stack:
crash placing fret.png

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Using nightly MuseScoreNightly-2013-09-28-1309-361ce83
Still crashes.
At least in this build, frames are available, as are fret symbols.

I don't know what a "fret frame" is. I'm using a (simple) frame from the "Frames" menu and a fret symbol from the "Symbols" menu.

Status (old) postponed active

No need for a Frame, just drag and drop the fret Symbol, just avoid dropping it onto a frame

However: draging a fret Symbol onto a vertical or horizontal frame does indeed cause a crash, I don't think a fix to that should get postponed...

Status (old) active postponed

The bug is specifically about placing a fret diagram in a fret frame. Fret frames are removed for the next version. This bug is postponed.

MuseScore 65e548faed doesn't crash if fretboard dropped in a score. Crash when dropping a fretdiagram on frame is an independent bug and it's fixed in ee5bbfb846

There used to be a "fret frame" in the "Frames" menu. Now it's gone.
If placing a fret symbol into a "normal frame" doesn't crash any more, then I agree that the bug can be postponed.

The original issue was with after frame, see the picture in the first post. That kind of frame is no longer available (it may be made available again later). The crash with a 'normal' frame is fixed since today.
At least that is my understanding...