Solfege in Minor Key

• Nov 1, 2020 - 19:35
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S5 - Suggestion

I would like to be able to change Solfege to minor key if needed please as part of a feature in Moveable solfege. Please?

Thank you!

Chapter 5 Sight Singing page 75.mscz


This should be able to use the inspector option that allows the user to tell the program which mode the key signature is in.

Yes, in principle keying (sorry) off the "Key signature mode" would be a good way to do, but then, we'd also someone need to provide both do-based minor and la-based minor as options. Currently the results are correct for minor keys already according to la-based minor. FWIW, labased minor is how the school where I teach does things, and from what I understand it's considerable more common than do-based minor in the US. But I personally prefer do-based minor, just as I prefer to call the tonic scale degree 1, not 3.

Hi everyone. +1 to this suggestion.

There is an additional issue which is, that the names inside the noteheads don't change with altered notes. For example, assuming C major/minor, E is "mi", but E-flat would be "me"; B is "ti" but B-flat would be "te". Currently MuseScore does not show these alterations, and for do-based minor this would be essential.

E-flat doesn't change from "mi" to "me", but gets the additional flat sign.
SMuFL just doesn't have a "me" or "te" notehead, so that much is by design and won't change, unless SMuFL provides those noteheads

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Wait, hold on... the last key signature does not wanna budge. So... you gotta add a key signature at the end.