Musescore no longer working with Jack?

• May 4, 2012 - 19:22

I have a PC with Windows XP (SP3) and Jack 1.9.7 setup as per the instructions .

All worked fine in MuseScore 1.1. Today I upgraded MuseScore on this machine to 1.2 and Jack stopped working.

If you follow the instructions (see link above), MuseScore should show up in the connections panel in the MIDI tab on the left side. When running 1.1, is shows up, when running 1.2, nothing shows up.

Has anyone observed this as well? Or am I doing something wrong?


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Ain't working for me.

Some pictures show more than 1000 words:

With 1.1 (I have a 1.1 binary for reference purposes, I stored just the .EXE from the 1.1 release in the bin directory of the 1.2 installation. It runs, no problem with the updated Qt libraries from the 1.2 release).

With 1.2:

Note: Yes, I did uninstall 1.2 completely and reinstalled it. No change.

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We don't have much info so I'm trying to guess. By running 1.1 and 1.2 like this, you are using the same preferences file for 1.1 and 1.2, that could have an effect. What if you focus on 1.2, remove the preferences file, run MuseScore, configure Jack in Preferences -> I/O, restart MuseScore.
Another way to look at it, do the I/O preferences dialog look the same when you run 1.1 and 1.2 at the same time?

Anyone else is running Jack on windows ?

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Both my XP systems and the Win 7 system are 32 bit. Here a few pictures of the setup.

Installed Jack here from here: //

Then started "Jack Control".

On Setup typed in:
Server Path: jackd -S -R -X winmme Driver: portaudio

Then hit the Start button on the Jack control panel.

Started MuseScore 1.2. Edit > Preferences: I/O:
Clicked "Use JACK MIDI outout", then restarted MuseScore.

On the Jack panel, clicked on connect and selected the MIDI tab:

MuseScore not showing up on the left:

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Marc Sabatella found the solution. In 1.2 you need to clear the tick in front of Portaudio in the I/O preferences:

Perhaps someone (I can't edit the page) can update the instructions . These state:
- Uncheck Portaudio and Use Internal Synthesizer

Unchecking Portaudio wasn't necessary in 1.1, and if you uncheck "Use Internal Synthesizer" it doesn't have any effect, since it comes back checked the next time you start.

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