More triplet problems - causes crash

• Feb 17, 2012 - 17:34
S2 - Critical

Additionally to the triplet problems in
issue #14648: Copying from within a tuplet bracket to the same or another or to a normal rest produces strange results which was resolved by disallowing the operation and in
#issue 3057: copying straight chords into tuplet brackets causes corruption more problems exist. This one was reported by Lasconic:
1) Enter two measures of 8th notes tuplet
2) Copy the first tuplet (3notes)
3) Paste on the second note of the first tuplet in measure 2 (see arrow):
In the trunk this operation crashes on an abort:
in the branch it causes corruption:
Looking in the inspector you see the corruption in the second bar, four tuplets, not 12 but 11 chords, one chord belonging to two tuplets.

I should mention: the problems is in Score:pasteStaff in cmd.cpp.

And also very important: I applied the patch from issue #14648 , otherwise I wouldn't be able select the complete tuplet to copy it. So please don't tell me that you can't reproduce it ;-)

Windows R5339.

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Title [trunk] [branch 1.2] more triplet problems [trunk] [branch 1.2] more triplet problems - causes crash

Since it 's a crash, I'm making it "critical".

In r5554 the problem persists exactly as described. Same abort() call in the code, same debug output.

Title [trunk] [branch 1.2] more triplet problems - causes crash More triplet problems - causes crash

Hi jorgk3

Is there still a problem?

I don't know, I haven't kept track of 2.0 for a while, so I haven't built or used a nightly build.

I guess the problem description is pretty clear and easy to test, so if you want to know whether it's still a problem, give it a go.