Query regarding treble clef score versions for B flat brass instruments

• Dec 9, 2011 - 02:18

I am a newcomer to MuseScore and reluctant to display my ignorance, but does the program somewhere offer Bb Baritone Horn, Bb Trombone, Bb Euphonium, Bb Bass and Eb Bass that can be scored in Treble Clef along with all the other instruments that are offered in Treble Clef? Every player in the brass bands I belong to, with the sole exception of the Bass Trombone player, can read only Treble Clef music.


Those instruments aren't set up that way by default, but you can change the transposition of any staff through its Staff Properties (right a staff to bring up a menu). And change the clef through the clef palette. You can then save an empty file set up how you like, to use as a template. Or create a customized version of instruments.xml as specified in edit->preferences so you'll have those instruments available when creating scores from scratch as well. I know there had been been talk of adding a treble clef / transposed baritone to instruments.xml for a future release, and maybe tuba, I don't know that anyone brought up the idea of also doing that for trombone. You might want to do a search for the previous threads.

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Thank you very much Marc for responding to my query. Your directions led me into places in the program that I haven't been before, and I am delighted to report that I have been able to achieve all that I hoped to achieve. MuseScore is indeed a remarkably versatile product. Thank you again.

I have a related query and am a complete newcomer to musescore. My son plays Bflat clarinet and has a book of duets duets. I am trying to find a way transpose the clarinet score so that I can play it on a tenor recorder which is tuned in concert pitch. Any tips one whether musescore can do this and if so what I need to do to use this facility.?

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That should be no problem. There would be a variety of ways to do this, but I'd recommend the following, which will allow you to easily toggle back and forth between clarinet and recorder.

- create a new score, using Bb clarinet as the instrument

- make sure concert pitch is turned *off*

- enter the notes as you see them in the clarinet part

- now turn concert pitch "on* when you wish to read for recorder, or "off" when you wish to read for clarinet

Of course, clarinet has a much wider ranger than clarinet, so you'll have to figure out for yourself when to take passages up an octave or down an octave to fit your range.

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I'd do it this way...

Create a new score with Bb Clarinet as your first instrument.
1] Ensure Concert Pitch is OFF.
2] Enter your key signature, time signature, tempo and all the notes for your Clarinet piece.
3] Go to the Menu and choose Create -> Instruments (or press 'I') and add a Tenor Recorder.
4] Enter the correct (transposed) key signature onto the Recorder stave.
5] Select all the notes on the Clarinet stave (with the mouse or with [Ctrl][Shift][End]) and copy them (Edit -> Copy or [Ctrl]-)c.
6] Click on the first measure of the Recorder stave and Edit -> Paste or [Ctrl]-v.

If step 4] is too difficult (you can't work out the correct, transposed key) then insert these additional steps:

4a] Turn Concert Pitch ON (Notes -> Concert Pitch). Note how the note and key signature for the Clarinet part change.
4b] Enter the same key signature for the Recorder.
5] Copy
6] Paste
7] Turn Concert Pitch OFF again.

Either method will create two staves that you can then save as separate Parts. It's not the notes (C, D, Eb) that get copied but the pitches and the pitches remain the same but MuseScore changes their appearance on the stave to match the transposing instrument. Personally I try to avoid turning Concert Pitch on and off too much as I am easily confuse and I also find that certain keys end up with accidentals different to what I want (e.g. when Concert Pitch E gets transposed to Gb or F# for a Bb instrument).

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