Beamed notes with half note heads

• Nov 7, 2016 - 00:43

In one of my compositions, I need to alternate two notes using hollow note heads, but I've searched thoroughly through the online handbook and found nothing on it. I even asked for help in the forum before this, but I got responses about tremolo, and since tremolo is just the same note repeating (and not two notes of different pitches alternating) tremolo will not help me.
I've enclosed a picture of the sort of thing I want to accomplish. alternating 32nd notes.PNG


Okay, I was able to get the notes to alternate, but they look different. alternating notes failed attempt.png Is there a way to get them like the first picture?

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You want two quarter notes with a triple-tremolo between them. It won't quite look the same (the bar on top won't connect the two notes), but it's notationally equivalent. If you want the full connection of the top bar, you can use invisible notes.

Something like the attached. It doesn't play back the way you want, however. To get playback you would have to enter every note and then laboriously make many of them invisible.


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