MuseScore gets steadily slower as I use it

• Nov 8, 2016 - 00:02

When I use MuseScore lately, it starts out fine but as I use it it gets steadily slower. I restart MuseScore, and the same process takes place. I've even tried restarting the entire computer, and it's the same story: within a minute it's responding half a second late, within two minutes it's a full second, pretty soon it'll be three seconds.

Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? Please help, this is intercepting a major composition from making progress.


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You can also resize the Navigator and the problem goes away. The problem happens only if the Navigator is almost exactly the "right" size to fit all pages of the score, and it goes crazy trying to figure out if it needs scroll bars or not. If it definitely fits or definitely doesn't fit, there is no problem.

Note though the Navigator shouldn't be needed even for relatively long pieces - the scroll wheel or equivalent touchpad gesture combined with Ctrl+F to find already provide very good navigation for most scores. Also the page up/down keys, home, end, etc. Maybe you already know about aloo this, but it seems most people who rely on the Navigator do so because they are not aware of the alternatives.

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