MIDI percusiion problems

• Nov 9, 2016 - 00:25

I have an old nanosynth I use for midi but that's not what musescore is using. In particular I can't seem to get a cymbal sound on my percussion line. All I get is tom-tom no matter what I assign it unless I'm assigning it wrong.

So 1st question: is it possible to hook up the nanosynth? It's a little more complicated than simple midi's.

2nd question: How do you change the percussion instrument assigned?

3rd questions: Is it possible to hook up and manipulate higher end soft synths like Miroslov Philharmonic?



MuseScore uses an internal synthesizer and doesn't do MIDI out except if you use the JACK MIDI output.
If you route MuseScore MIDI output through JACK, the answer to 1/ and 3/ is yes, then it depends what sort of "manipulation" you want to do.
Regarding question 2, the default drumset should give access to cymbal sound. It's hard to help you on this one without a file.

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FileScore Properties... (FileInfo... in versions earlier than 2.0.3) shows the values of the existing meta tags, copyright is amongst them, see https://musescore.org/en/handbook/score-properties. Once filled it'll show up in the footer of every page by default (and on your score, see attached), but see also https://musescore.org/en/handbook/layout-and-formatting#style-edit-gene….
No idea why the cymbal sounds like a tom, but If I just renter the notes they do sound like a crash

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I do not understand why it sounds like a tom, but here is how you can fix it.

Right-click on the cymbal staff (easiest is to click on the "Cymbal" text) and select "Staff Properties...".

In the dialog window it says that the selected instrument is Cymbal (but for some reason that is not what we hear). Press the "Change Instrument..." button and select
Unpitched Percussion->Cymbal
Press OK. The dialog window will now still say that the selected instrument is Cymbal but this time it will actually sound like one too. Press OK.

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The problem is that you had selected the Orchestral Kit in the mixer.

The key mappings for the Orchestral kit are slightly different from the rest as they follow Roland's GS drum maps.

You can find the details here.....


You can customise any percussion instrument via the Edit Drumset dialogue which you can find on the stave context (right click) menu.

The puzzling thing about this is that the drumset settings for this are correct in assigning A2 to cymbal. Was this piece by any chance created in a version of MuseScore earlier than 2.0.3? If so it's possible that the instrument file definition was different, and the pitch was assigned to C#2 which is Crash Cymbal in the Standard Kit, but Tympani C# in the Orchestral Kit.


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