Musescore Icon does not remain in OS Sierra dock.

• Nov 9, 2016 - 13:09

The MuseScore icon does not remain in the OS Sierra dock.
When I decide to keep it in the Dock then no longer works.
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Thank you for filing this interesting bug report Tommotide. I haven't read any similar bug report yet, so we will have to try to reproduce this first.

Could you explain the exact steps which leads to this issue? It sounds like you are capable of running MuseScore, but not when you add it to the dock. How do you add it in the dock in the first place?

Here is how I add MuseScore 2 to the dock on macOS Yosemite


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Thanks Thomas

It is really curious that after always performed the procedure as well as you have taught in the gif I have always had the problem that I have described in the post.
Anyway this is the new:
after I installed the Nightly release I tried to keep the icon of the Nighty in the doc and it works .
I must say that after I installed the Nightly, the icon in the Launchpad (the one with the cymbal) replaces the MuseScore 2.
So I had to open MuseScore 2 recovering the app from the Applications folder. After opening M2 in this way I can also keep the M2 icon in the doc as well as all other apps.
Strange but it it worked so after that I had no chance to make it work.
This is the story :)

Thanks for the reply Thomas.

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After the initial enthusiasm the things do not work anymore.
I opened a file by double clicking on the file and on the dock bar has added a new icon MuseScore (the one in the picture on the right) leaving totally unused one previously set out in doc.
When I tried to restart MuseScore from the previous icon, then reappeared the question mark as in the past.

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To me it sounds like the mscz file extension association is for some reason mixed up. I don't think the nightly build has anything to do with it, but I'm not sure.

I can't help much for now, other than keeping this issue in mind for when someone else reports about it.

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