chords and transposition

• Dec 16, 2011 - 16:40

I have some lead sheet i want to transpose in different keys. How can i get the chords transposed automatically when the music is transposed?


Go to Notes -> Transpose to transpose everything including chordnames and keys. Note that the chordnames need to be recognized by MuseScore.

In version 2.0.3 I find that it works OK with either a lead sheet that contains only chord names, entered with the Ctlr-K on rest positions or with individual notes.

I can select the section of music, then select menu entry Notes / Transpose / and one of the options, and it works flawlessly.

It even transposes correctly the key signatures.

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Be that as it may, it is surely an issue that comes up many times in people’s heads. They might not be aware of the menu option, nor realize that it is different from just shifting the notes.   They also might not know about chord-names on lead sheets.   This behavior, while wunnerful, is not necessarily intuitive or to be expected.

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