MuseScore is unable to open msc-files

• Sep 10, 2008 - 14:44

I am unable to open my msc-files. Every time, I try, I get an empty canvas and the following error: error reading file /home/michael/dokumente/Noten/chorvorlage.msc at line 110 column 3: error occurred while parsing content

XML works, but can't display the german font, so it is not really convenient.
Who can help?
Thank you in advance,


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MuseScore uses HTML for any text rendering. The DOCTYPE declarations (as you spotted) are the problem. If all of the DOCTYPE lines are deleted the file opens fine.

I would suggest upgrading to a newer version of MuseScore if possible. I've not used MuseScore before 0.9.2 so I don't know if this is a problem specific to 0.9.1, but I've not had problems saving files and not being able to open them later.

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David Bolton raised your query on the mailing list. Below is my response.

On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 2:52 AM, David Bolton wrote:
> Forum user "pdqbach2005" is having trouble finding 0.9.2 in the
> "universal" repository on kubuntu. As a Windows user I was unable to help.

The user is either running on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) or 7.10 (Gutsy). If
he is running the latter, I am reluctant to provide a backport (it
would be more worthwhile that he upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04). Both these
releases are stable and supported. This means that package sets and
versions do not change unless major bugs are found. New upstream
package versions are not introduced because regression potential is
too high. If new versions are required, the ideal (from a support
point of view) situation is to upgrade release every six months (ie,
wait until October for Ubuntu 8.10).

I can see how this would be unideal from an end-user point of view,
and in that light, the "Backports" repository is provided. Backports
are new package versions that are built for older, supported releases,
and are normally taken straight from the source found in the most
recent, development release (provided that set of sources will easily
build on the older distribution). I have yet to create a backport for
Hardy, as until now, I have not seen that demand for 0.9.2 over 0.9.1d
is that great. gutsy-backports also contains 0.9.1d, as that was the
only way to provide mscore to users of the older release. I feel that
provision of a backport of mscore 1.0 when it is released would be
more worthwhile than the intermediate 0.9.2, but if consensus here
feels that 0.9.2 is a worthy upgrade from 0.9.1d, then I will be happy
to arrange the provision of that version in Hardy also.

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