Changing note heads

• Nov 19, 2016 - 16:14


the MuseScore Palette on the left side provides the section Note Heads
I wanted to change one of my notes in my drum transcription by using drag&drop to set the note head Diamond.
But this doesn't work.

I managed to change the drum set (see button Edit Drumset in the left corner at the bottom of the screenshot) and changed the "open hi hat" to have the note head Diamond.
But this diamond is filled, the one in the palette is not filled.


So here are my two questions:
1) How to use the palette to change a note head (drag&drop did not work)?
2) How to get a note head with a diamond that is not filled?

Thanks for an answer.

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And for the record, the palette is simply showing the half note version for all noteheads. Not sure why; I think it probably makes more sense to show the quarter note version.

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No, that's ok. I don`t want to force the quarter note head to look like a half note.
At the beginning I was just confused because the note head in the palette "preview" was looking different to the one in my drum transcription. But you already showed me my fault ;-)

My problem at the moment is that I can not use one of the mentioned methods from the handbook to change just one single note head. For example select one of my notes and then double click on a note head from the palette (see
That does not work. I only can change all notes (for example for the hi hat) by editing the drumset.

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