Move notes horizontally?

• Nov 20, 2016 - 19:16

When inputting MIDI from a keyboard I often miss the beat a little. Too late, too early.

Musescore does a good job of catching that and puts in demi-semi quavers or whatever.

Naturally I don't want them.

Can I delete them as I find them and have the remainder of the score move horizontally to take up that 'space' thus created?

And then the opposite - lengthen a note to shift everything back the other way?


No, you currently don't have a shift-everything mode.

You can cut and paste the remaining notation to the new correct time; but for now these kind of shift operations are better handled in sequencing software.

[EDIT:] Note that in the next major release (which is still far off) MuseScore itself will support semi-realtime note input, which likely will allow you to input your notes directly into MuseScore.

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