Percussion rolls, accents and Dynamics.

• Dec 26, 2011 - 21:27

Hello Musescore team,
I am a percussionist writer and I have been fairly satisfied with what is offered in the percussion section of the software. However, there are a few major features that I would love to see in this section.
Would it be possible to include rolls in percussion instruments? My request includes sustained cymbal rolls, concert snare rolls, timpani rolls, mallet rolls, etc. It would also help if one could control the dynamics of these rolls. For example, it should be in our power to cause a roll to crecendo to a point, or diminuendo to a point (possibly to a point where one can cause a wavering pattern of dynamics in the roll playback). Unless I have missed a way to stimulate rolls on the software, I would heartily enjoy seeing this development in the next version of Musescore.
Another issue that plagues my software is the lack of efficiency of the crecendos/diminuendos. Neither work when putting the respective symbols on the part; they don't even allow you to chose the dynamic range or the notes to start and stop the dynamic changes. As these changing marks are a key part of any musical piece (after all, how dull would it be to hear an entire song only at mento-forte?) I feel that they should be addressed quickly and seriously.
A final issue that bothers me is the accents, or lack thereof. This is especially prominent in the marching snare, as accents can barely be heard above the normal dynamic of every tap. Accents play a grandiose part in the feel of a piece, and usually represent a dynamic above the norm. The current accents barely rise above the normal dynamics. I would appreciate if the accents could be "accented" to a more prominent level of volume.
I do not mean to harp on the progress that Musescore has made. This truly is an incredible software, with lots of obvious time and care put in. I am simply pointing out places that I feel could made this software even better.
Just to clarify:
I am addressing percussion from pitched, to unpiched, to marching.
If I have overlooked or mis-stated something, I apologize. Please let me know if I have done so. If there is a way around these issues, I would appreciate being shown these procedures as well.
Thank you for your time, effort, and patience towards making this product and addressing my forum!


I recently found the Crescendo/Diminuendo plugin. It works well.
But it works independently of any dynamic symbols which is both good (as it gives you ultimate control) but less intuitive.

additionally, something I recently discovered... you can right click any note and change its individual you may want a cymbal crash to exceed the dynamic of the stave section, you can right click that cymbal crash and change its velocity manually.

Maybe these are points that will be addressed more intuitively in future releases... but im used to them now :)

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Thanks for this information! However, I don't fully understand what you mean by " it works independently of any dynamic symbols ". Could an example be offered?
Also, would you mind forwarding me a link to the plugin, or is it already in the Musescore software? If so, would you please explain where to find this plugin?
Once again, thanks so much for the info!

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Plugins can be downloaded from the repository on this site - see the Plugins link at the right side of this page. Also see the Handbook entry on plugins for info on how to onstall them on your particular OS.

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Since you found this plugin to be useful, I feel I must call upon your assistance. I'm having a bit of a problem selecting a group of notes in my piece; I have only been able to select all the notes of a part. Although this may be ridiculously obvious, can you explain how to select a specific group of notes in a piece?

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Selecting a range can be done using shift-drag, or in the usual Windows method of clicking the first item, shift-clicking the last (I assume it's similar on mac and Linux). You can also use ctrl-click (or Mac/Linux equivalent) to add items to a selection individually, but plugins only work with contiguous ranges.

Soinds like you are specifically asking about *playback* of rolls et al? f so. That's just a matter of finding a soundfont that includes those samples, and I believe those do exist and have been discussed in other threads.

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