lyrics running into staff below

• Jan 8, 2012 - 06:01

Check out the attached score. On the first page, I have three vocal lines. When I hid the rests on voices 2 and 3 on the second page, the lyrics for the 3 verses smashed into the staffs below. HOw can I fix this?

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Don't think it's a bug

It's one of the inadeqaucies of MuseScore's current layout.

The problem is Lyrics Lower Margin.

If you set it to cope with the 3 verse lyric which is what you need to do, it gives far too much space for the single line chorus.

We need to be able to set space and formatting parameters on a page by page basis, rather than the global settings we endure at the moment.

Is 2.0 any better at this?

Incidentally I used the same solution as you lasconic - vertical frames.

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"I don't think page per page settings is a good idea"

If you want MuseScore to be fully capable of typesetting music to a professional standard then there must be some means of tweaking formatting at page level.

I have yet to produce a multi-page score that doesn't require adjustments of some kind at page level, even if it is just having the title page with a slightly different layout from the others.

If you are using the Hide Empty Staves function then it is even more important to be able to format each page separately due to the varying number of staves in a system.

Take a look at how Finale does it (I personally opted for Finale originally because of the level of control you had over printed output). You can set your formatting options globally, then make slight adjustments to the pages that need it.

That doesn't mean I want MuseScore to be a Finale clone, but I feel that it is stronger in this area than Sibelius.

Just my two pennorth :)

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See my proposal here, whch does indeed call for some settings to be per page:

Actually, not per page, necessarily: per staff/system, perhaps, would be better, at least architecturally. That is, just as we can set stretch on a per measure basis, it seems scaling and staff spacing should really be per staff (globally for that staff as well as per system), and system space be per system.

I recognize this would probably be a pretty big change, and I have no illusions of it being easy or coming any time soon. But portions of my proposal actually woildn't require such architectural changes and could perhaps be looked at first (not they would necessarily address the issue being discussed here).

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