Roman Numeral Chord Notation

• Jan 17, 2012 - 20:22

I would like to take an existing lead sheet with chord harmony and convert it to Roman numeral chord notation.

The purpose for this is harmonic analysis and for practicing based on harmonic structure rather than key specific notation.
Roman numeral chord notation is also useful for jazz theory exercises. I realize that correct Roman numeral chord notation would required additional chord notation structures for representing the 'basis' key of modulations, but for starters, I would like to be able to convert an existing lead sheet to Roman numeral notation.

I spent a good bit of time experimenting with a custom chord style file, but was unable to identify a way to replace the Alpha portion of a chord symbol with a Roman numeric representation.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions for accomplishing this task?


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I've given this a little thought, but mot a lot, and don't have great answers. When I've wanted to do RNA in MuseScore, I tend to use Lyrics rather than true chord symbols - meaning, obviously, there is nothing automatic about it. I do recall there being some discussion of a new system for figured bass, but don't recall what if anything came of it.

This would be an excellent addition to Musescore, and ISTR that this has been mentioned in the Features section of the fora.

I'm not sure what the state of affairs regarding numeric chord notation is in the Trunk (2.0) . But in the 1.0 branch, I don't think we're likely to see support for this as the branch is only receiving bug fixes now.

I have the opposite problem of the posting below. I would like to take an existing sheet with Roman numeral chord notations and convert it to regular chord notation. Is there an app or a program that does that?
E.g. convert I VI II V I in the key of Eb to this: Ebmaj7 C-7 D-7 Bb7 Ebmaj7

I have a lot of chord progressions for songs but they are all written using Roman Numeral notation. Converting these to regular chord notation in all keys would take me forever.

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