"Paste special"

• Jan 18, 2012 - 21:34

As with word processors, give another special flavor of paste with additional options
1. Paste current selection with just notes, no fingering/annotation
2. Paste rhythmic structure only, as rests, no notes
3. Paste current selection in reverse order
4. Paste just fingering/annotation onto existing notes


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Agreed -- many times, I have wished there was a more direct way to ask MS to paste a selection into a separate voice. There is a way to achieve the same effect by pasting into a staff and then exchanging voices, but I find it a cumbersome and error prone.

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Have you tried using "Edit->Voices->Exchange Voice 1-2"? That's one of the six voice exchange operations available. Also, at times I find it easier to create a temporary extra instrument staff to perform voice exchange operations.

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LOL! I think the sentiment could be expressed as: "some voice manipulations would be easier if MS supported a way to paste into a specific voice". Of course it may not be very easy to develop such a feature, and this feature may not be high priority for many users. I read the comment as: this is an important feature request for ratz as a MS user.

It might be worth looking at how Finale handles this.

It has a dialogue box in which you can select the different categories of item that you want to be affected by group operations.

When you have selected the ones you want you can quite happily delete and copy and paste groubs of objects knowing that only the ones you have ticked will be affected.

One of the features of Finale I miss :)

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Me too. There have been a number of other discussions that have touched on this, and it seems to me a number of apparently unrelated requests could be handled nicely with such a facility - especially if it also dealt with the issue of voices. Finale does this using a different mechanism: an option to show only the current voice ("layer" in Finale, but it's same thing). In that mode, you can go to voice 1 and see only the contents of that voice, copy something to the clipboard, then switch to voice 2, see only the contents of that voice, paste, and the contents of the clipboard (which were originally in voice 1) are pasted into voice 2. It's not really very elegant, though, and I think MuseScore could probably come up with a better way of integrating that type of facility with one to control which items are copied.

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