The View on Musescore

• Jan 25, 2012 - 13:54

It's really hard to describe this problem, but I am using musescore as a teaching resource in school and one of the pupils has done something to how the score is viewed on the computer screen. It looks like it has completely zoomed out and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do to change it. I have tried zooming in but the computer refuses to do anything, I have gone through all the setting and the hand books to try and figure out what has happened but am finding no help to my solution. One computer that also has this problem is refusing to imput notes. Can anyone help?



I wonder if they have altered the scaling parameter in page settings?

The default setting is around 1.7mm

It would be worth checking that.

The other thing is holding ctrl whilst using the mouse scroll wheel - this is a currently undocumented feature of MuseScore which zooms the page in and out. If the page has been zoomed right out, with this method, using the menu to restore the zoom to 100% results in the page seemlingy disappearing


I believe what you are seeing is not the score view but the navigator. Just go to Display -> Navigator to hide it and you will see the actual score. If it's the case, you can display the navigator again and resize it.

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