midi import pedal bug

• Sep 10, 2008 - 20:21

Hello people! Thank you for doing such a great work!
I have a problem: when trying to load midi file Musescore doesn't convert it right.
Tried to import it with Rosegarden, all sounds good, but notation is on one staff.
As I understand, problem is with pedal. Rosegarden shows ped. sign.
Tried to add pedal to a new project in Musescore, and it crashed.
I'm using 0.9.2 version.
Please, help me! or tell me what I do wrong!


I wasn't able to reproduce the crash you are describing. Could you attach the file you were working on (I didn't see the link) and outline the steps to reproduce the crash?

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Lilypond files doesn't load, musescore hangs, and doesn't respond at all. I tried files from different places, same thing happens.
And mid files still wrong. playing with timidity, ewerything sounds right, but when importing to Musescore, it's ba-a-ad no triplets :)
I don't want to edit this files, i wanted to have them in my library, print them, learn music, it's for my son!

I was able in import the MIDI but it was on one staff and it didn't interpret the triplets properly.

IMSLP has scans of public domain sheet music and Mutopia has LilyPond files, MIDI, and PDF.

If you want to edit the files you might have better luck working with the ".ly" or ".mid" files at Mutopia.

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