• Nov 29, 2016 - 00:51

How can I get some distance between verses (lyrics)?


More than the default? It's already pretty wide normally. But you could select all lyrics in a given verse (right click one, Select / More / Same subtype) and use the Inspector to adjust the position.

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Ah yes, I was thinking that was new for 3.0, but of course it isn't. Well, adjusting manually is still the way to go if you are just trying to open up space between two *specific* verses rather than in general. Still a little curious about the use case here, though. With the default font at leas,t the line spacing is if anything *wider* than I might prefer. I guess perhaps if you are using some other font with different metrics it might look too tight? Or something else might be going on. It would still be interesting to see the score in question.

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