Will the next version support cue notes?

• Nov 30, 2016 - 04:43

There are workarounds in the present version, except (as far as I can tell) for drumsets, where I can't see how to put the cue notes on the line just above the staff - which is where a professional arranger friend of mine says they must go.

But it would be nice if you could select the notes from an existing instrument over however many measures and convert them easily to little cue notes all on a particular line for piano, drums, guitars, and so on.


Hmm, omehow it seems you must have missed the posts where I showed you how to o these cues. See the Handbook under "Tools", and in particular, look at the section entitled "rhythmic slash notation". Do what it says there and it works *exactly* as it should already. if you are having trouble getting it to work, pleae attach the score you are having trouble with and explain at which step of the instructions something is happening differently than it should.

As for cues, you can easily do this already, even if it is not totally automatic - copy and paste, then use the Inspector to make everything small and silent. But indeed, a builtin facility would be nice some day, especially so the cues would automatically update if the source changes, also to give the option of not showing the cues in the score (only in the parts) as some apparently prefer.

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This is not the same as giving the Oboe English Horn cues in the event that there is no English Horn available. The cue notes are transposed to the proper pitch of the instrument that would be playing it and they are smaller than the other notes. Marc S above described what I do when I want cue notes in a band or orchestra score. It would be nice to have that capability automated. But as seldom as I do this I can live with the status quo.

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