Adding solfa notation on scores and inputing interval below a note

• Nov 30, 2016 - 13:50

I will really appreciate if there is a plugin that can input solfa notation on scores. I noticed that the traditional beam plugin is not working. moreover, it is hard to add interval below a note, except above through the use of Alt key + the number of interval.

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Solfa notation has been added recently to the nightly builds, so will be in the next major version, see relies on lyrics and their melismas, so won't work for the score you shoed a PDF of
Shift+notename adds note above, Alt+Intervall adds interval above and you can set yourself shortcuts for add interval below, see

MuseScore generally expects you to builds chords bottom up, so Shift+letter adds the note above. Simply hit Ctrl+Down afterwards if you prefer building your chords top down.

I really appreciate your timely response, you all have been a great source of inspiration to me, and make things easier for me to navigate through musescore. consequently, i have been providing help for those around and I have been directing them to the forum. Once again thanks and God bless you.

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