strange ties from musicxml input

• Dec 4, 2016 - 17:24

I downloaded this musicxml from the imslp website.

When I read it into my nightly version of musescore, it seems to play OK,
although all the voices are piano, even though they are marked various other instruments,
but when you look in measure 127 there are some strange ties.

Is this a problem with the xml itself, or with the muscore xml-in function?

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You will have to state what "my nightly version" exactly is. Also a screenshot (or pdf) of the score will come in handy to see what you mean with strange ties.

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In general, *everything* has lots of problems in nightly builds at moment - it is nowhere near a stable place intended for any real work. But bugs should be reported.

In this particular case, I guess it's important to ascertain if this is actually a bug of if perhaps the MusicXML has errors in it. It takes forever to load - both in a current development build and in 2.0.3. As far as I can tell, the instruments used for playback are correct - I don't see anywhere in the MusicXML file where it says to use any instrument *other* than piano. Merely naming a staff with a particular name is not the correct way to do that - there are specific tags that are supposed to be used to choose playback sounds.

I'm not expert enough in MusicXML to know if there are issues with the slur tags. But I can see that 2.0.3 shows them all over the place as well starting in the same spot. They don't look quite as crazy, but they definitely have issues.

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