Two tempo markings in a score: first and third are the same but third plays back slower

• Dec 4, 2016 - 20:48

Hello Musescore
I have two tempo markings in a score: crotchet=144; crotchet=120;crotchet=144. The second 144 plays back slower than the first (the time signatures also change: 4/4; 3/4;4/4)

I couldn't find an answer in Forum.

Many thanks


Indeed, to do more than guess we would need you to attach your score here. But if I had to guess, I'd say, one or more of those tempo markings is set (via the Inspector) *not* to follow the text of the marking but to instead use the value that is set there in the Inspector.

Thank you everybody for your help. This might be a problem for more advanced composers, but I was simply stupid and maybe too fussy.

As the score is in ternary form i simply set only the first metronome marking crotchet=144. This means that the middle section is somewhat faster especially in playback, but the singer will naturally not rush on like an express train.

Once again, many thanks for your time and effort

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