System flag (again)

• Feb 13, 2012 - 11:45

Hello everybody,
I know this question has been made some time ago in this same forum, but as the answer was not very clear for me and some time has gone, I prefer to open a new topic.
In the "Edit Text style..." menu, each text type has a option called system flag. As far as I understood, this is to make a text being locked to the entire system or to only a staff. Anyway, It doesn't get sense when talking about titles, author...
Apart from that, I have made some trials changing the status for this flag for different text types and I can't see any difference.
Could someone explain it a bit better and perhaps put an example here?
Thank you for everything to the MS team and everyone supporting it...



The system flag is used when you export Parts out of the main Score via File -> Parts.
If a text has the "system flag" it will be exported in all the parts. If not, it will be exported only on the associated staff .

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Hello again.
Firts of all, thank you for answering so quickly. Anyway, it doesn't seem to work. I have been making some trials with (for example) rehearsal marks and the mark is always exported in every part. Is there any bug related to this flag?
I am using MuseScore 1.2 in Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.11.


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While the specifics may more complicated than this, in general, I start by assuming:

- For "most" element types, changing the style will only affect elements not yet created, but changing text properties works on the elements already created (and the checkbox to apply to all similar elements works as expected).

- Some element types, like measure numbers, are generated on the fly, and therefore changes to text properties has no long term effect, but changing text style *does* (upon reload, anyhow).

- Chord symbols are not plain text but are generated based on the select chord description style. You can't really affect these via changes to text properties *or* to the chord name text style, but changing chord description style (general style, not text style) does work, and it takes effect immediately.

Based on this, my *expectation* is that changing text style for rehearsal marks won't affect existing elements, but any newly placed marks will be affected. But as I said, the reality is sometimes more complicated.

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