need help midi set up

• Feb 22, 2012 - 18:13

midi does not accept my piano keyboard in musescore.

windows vista


Not sure if the OP solved his/her problem, but I have a similar question. I was just given a Yamaha PSR-540 and would love to be able to use it for note input within Musescore. My computer is HP running Win 8.1. When I hook up the keyboard to the computer using a usb cable interface, the computer recognizes it but Musescore seems to ignore it. I've tried looking in the Musescore Preferences I/O tab but don't see my keyboard as a selection option. Any help or pointing me to additional documentation for this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joni

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There is no such setting. It should just work - enter Note input mode, select a duration, then whether you type an "A" on your computer keybaord or play an "A" on your MIDI keyboard, it should work the same. Unless perhaps you have inadvertently turned off MIDI input completely - see the icon right next to the Page View / Continuous View drop down menu.

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Still no luck getting it to recognize my Yamaha keyboard. I made sure the MIDI input was on (tried it both ways, actually) but doesn't seem to make a difference. I'm still not sure my preference settings are correct. Under the I/O tab I have "Use internal synthesizer" checked as well as "Portaudio". Under Portaudio, the Api is set to MME and the Device to Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output. (These were the defaults.) Is this correct?

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