Bandoneon soundfont

• Dec 14, 2016 - 17:22

Hello everybody,

I created a bandoneon soundfont:

You may use bandoneon_v2 without restriction for your own music creation, private or commercial. This SoundFont bank is provided to the community free of charge. Please feel free to use it in your software projects.

Jörg Bleymehl


Hi Joerg,
I have just installed Musescore on my new pc and I am very pleased that there is this soundfont for bandoneon. I have an ELA 142 Rheinische tonlage bandoneon made in the 1920's and exported to Breyer Brothers in Buenos Aires. It is great to be able to try out scores and hear a bandoneon sound just like my instrument.
Peter O'Donnell (UK)

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