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• Dec 20, 2016 - 17:06

I really hope someone could help me with this problem . \I have nearly finished a score and have been adding phrasing lines, Half way through my score the music has split from one page to two and the two pages look terrible only half filled. I did not save and discarded all my phasing work but it still leaves two half filled pages in the middle of the score. I am using 4 voice lines plus 2 lines for piano. If you need me to send you the score please explain how I do this. I need to send this score away soon and it looks unprofessional as it is. Terry


to send the score, reply to this comment and at the bottom of the page "in blue on my computer" it says
-> File Attachements

click that, the "Chose file" (which will appear) then select your file and on this page click "Save."

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@Terry, A couple of attempts:
- Ctrl + A (to select the entire score);
Layout/Decrease Stretch.
- Right-click on a Line Break> All similar Elements-> Press Delete.

As said above, use the "File attachments" option at the bottom of the page, just above the Save and Preview buttons when you're typing your post

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Hi .Thank you I did try the reset stretch and I am still left with one half page. I did right click line break in palette but no option for "all similar and delete . Is there anything else I could try? In future how can I regulate bar and lyric spacing without this happening?

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I changed the page settings to a scaling of 1.73 mm (Layout -> Page settings... then click the 1.764mm, delete the 64 and type 3 click OK). That put 2 systems on each page except the first. You can make it smaller (1.500mm) and you will get a second staff on the first page also, but that leaves too much space on the bottom of each of the other pages IMHO.

To fix the phrasing I would simply right click one of them, select all similar, delete them and start over. You will also have to fix the slurs, but this will be faster than trying to fix all of the phrase marks. Same probably goes for the crescendos and decrescendos. I tried to revert all of them to default, but that left way too many to fix still. The score is a general mess that will not be easy to make look good.

The score may be corrupt. I've attached a copy with the page settings fixed. Notice on page 5 there is a 1/4 rest that claims to be from measure 72 in the bass line at the top of the page.

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A_Carol_for_Winifred.mscz 56.88 KB

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It's not clear what specifically you'd like to see different in this score. If it were mine, I'd be concerned with how page 6 only fits one system because the additional second verse lyric in the first system of page 7 (a typo? the word "melody" in the bass staff is probably not an actual lyric? maybe you meant to use staff text?). Remove that one word and page 6 looks like the others. Aside from that, things look fine to me. I don't see any obvious problems having anything to do with stretch settings or any other spacing issues - just the extra vertical space due to that one spurious second verse lyric.

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Hi Marc. Thank you for saving my score and a lot of my time. Your book is very helpful for most queries but I am very much a novice with the tech stuff. I will use the page settings you recommend on future scores. Your online help is what makes Musescore the best music writing programme available. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and your team!

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