Can't Get Guitar sound fonts installed

• Jan 5, 2017 - 03:49

I have gone where sound fonts are mentioned and tried to follow the directions, but I haven't any luck.

Has anybody else had these problems and what did they do about it?

Also are there any free sound fonts for twelve string guitar?

I love Musescore, however the guitar fonts aren't very good especially when they are playing chords. Instead of sounding musical they sound noisey.



It would help if you explained at which step exactly something goes wrong. Following the instructions in the Handbook does work in general, so in order to understand why it isn't for you, we need more information.

This video may help you.....

First of all it shows how to add your own soundfont folder to MuseScore in Preferences. This step is not needed if you are adding soundfonts to the Soundfont folder in Documents/MuseScore2.

It then shows how to add the soundfont in the Synthesiser dialogue.

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