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• Mar 15, 2012 - 02:47

Is there a way to make one note in a chord small, and leave the others normal size?


Unfortunately not - small is a chord property, not a note property. But if you need this effect, you might be abke to fake it by using separate voices. Place the small note in a different voice, mark it stemless, nudge it into position via the curor keys in Edit mode.

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I did as you suggested: put the small note in a second voice, made it stemless, and added a second, invisible note to the top voice so the stem would look right. But now I've got some weird ledger lines (my small notes are below the staff). is there any way to set ledger lines invisible? Attached is a picture of what I have right now.

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Unfortunately I don't think it's possible to hide ledger lines - probably should be. But is that really what you'd want here? How would the reader be expected to figure out what the notes were without ledger lines? I think the ledger lines should be small, though. So I redid you example a little differently. No extra invisible notes in voice 1, and the small note in voice 2 is not stemless. I just manually nudged it into position (double click followed by arrow / ctrl-arrow / alt-arrow) so the stems would line up. The result is that notes and ledger lines are small.

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