Four suggestions for MS 1.3

• Mar 17, 2012 - 23:23

Great to see MS 1.2! Some suggestions for the next version, if I may:

1) It would be good if the Palettes had an Expand All Categories button, and if you could resize the height of each expanded category.

2) When choosing Save As for an open document, you are always taken to My Documents - it would be good for the Save As window to start in the folder where that document has been opened from

3) When you are about to enter a note, the mouse cursor always looks like a whole note, even though you might have a different note duration selected; it would be good if the mouse cursor changed to reflect the current note duration (as you press Q and W, for example)

4) When you double click on e.g. key signature or time signature, it would be good to be taken directly to the dialog that allows you to change this property.

Many thanks!


Actually, the next version will be 2.0 :)

1) I'm not sure what you would want that for, it's pretty easy to open and close each palette as you use it.

2) You can set the "working directory" in MuseScore > Preferences.

3) I'm not sure where you're getting that... in Note Entry mode, if you're on quarter note or smaller, the note head is black, and a half note looks like a half note.

4) What kind of dialog would you want? You can change the time/key signature just by dragging from the palette.

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1) I'm not sure either.

2) @musiclover007: "Working directory" is not exactly what longtalker is asking; by setting "Working directory", you are still always proposed the same directory for all "Save as...", you simply chose which one; longtalker is asking for "Save as..." defaulting to the the directory the document was open from, which is different from document to document.

I second this suggestion ("Working directory" can be used for documents which were not open from any directory, but created from scratch).

3) Yes, the "note cursor" shape does change according to the selected note duration; are you sure it does not in your case?

4) Do you mean the properties of double-clicked item? I.e. double-click a time signature and get a dlg box with the properties of the time signature? But time signatures do not have any property!



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3) In my case the only difference in the note cursor is in whether the note is filled (e.g. eights) or empty (e.g. half-notes), but the cursor never has, for isntance, the note stem of a quarter note. See screenshot attached

4) I meant that it would be good to be able to change the time signature (e.g. 3/4 into 4/4) when double clicking on it, or to change the key signature (e.g. accidentals of G major to accidentals of G minor) when double clicking on the current key signature

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True, there is no stem, but I would be opposed to having a stem unless there is way to get rid of it, as it would just get in the way. In fact, I'd prefer to not see the notehead either. It's only useful to those people who are for some reason entering notes by clicking with the mouse. For everyone else, the notehead adds no useful information and just clutters the screen. So I'd prefer an option to turn it off entirely. On the other hand, for people using the mouse, I guess the stem might help, so I wouldn't be opposed to including the stem *if* you turn on the display of the notehead at all.

I do understand the desire to be able to change time or key signature just by double clicking. Same with clefs, bar line styles, etc. There is *current* dialog that would do the right thing in any of these cases - at best, there is a palette you'd still have to drag from. But it seems possible that a variation on those palettes could be designed that just allowed you to make the desired replacement more directly (eg, single click to select then OK to apply and dismiss, or double-click to select, apply, and dismiss). And I think that would be a nice improvement over the current method, which requires you to drag and then explicitly close the palette.. For that matter, I'd like the see the "double click to select, apply, and dismiss" applied to *all* floating palettes, although I haven't played with any of the new palette features in 2.0 to see if they would feel less cumbersome than, for example, how dynamics currently work.

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