SampleSumo - Note Following Offset

• Apr 4, 2012 - 15:17

After watching this video demonstrating MuseScore and SampleSumo, I wondered if there could be a setting allowing you choose how long before the page will move and change. This would give the player enough time to comprehend the next part.


The big weakness with this is that the player needs to read ahead - some players can be reading up to 4 bars ahead of their playing.

I have been experimenting with auto page turning in MuseScore by hitting play before you start playing and then following the music in MuseScore - of course tempi etc have to be set up first.

This involves setting a custom page size which allows the player to see 1 and a half pages at once of a single system of music.. This is enough for my reading ahead to cope with MuseScore's page turns.

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Back when we were discussing the idea of expanding repeats - showing a repeated section twice - I suggested that could make sense in a special playback mode, along with various other features. I'd say that in this playback mode, I'd generally want to see continuous view, with the current measure continuously scrolling (not jumping) to be kept at the left of the screen.

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Hey guys,
actually, we were thinking about this:
- expand/ unroll the score as Marc suggests
- use swapping instead of scrolling, so that what you're reading stays fixed on your screen: once you passed a certain part of your screen, an older part is swapped out for a newer part (we think it could become very annoying if the notes move in front of your eyes all the time; but it can be done if someone wants that of course)
About the offset: yes, that's an option that could be added then.

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