MuseScore to be sold as a product?

• Apr 25, 2009 - 00:19

Will MuseScore, when it reached 1.0, be sold for money instead of being a freeware like it is right now? I hope it won't be because MuseScore is amazing!


MuseScore is not freeware. It is free and open source which is much better! MuseScore source code uses the GNU General Public License. This is the same license used by Mozilla Firefox, Wikipedia, Linux, Audacity, LilyPond, and various other products you may be familiar with. If you are not familiar with the concept of copyleft it is a fascinating topic.

In other words if the original developers ever decide to discontinue work on MuseScore anyone with the skills and inclination can continue development because the source code is freely available. Under GNU General Public License everyone has the rights to study the code, run the software, share the software, and even modify the software to better suit your own needs.

And if someone changes the source code and distribute musescore with these changes, he has to make his modifications public !
But, it does not mean that musescore cannot be sold. I'm pretty sure that if you look on ebay, there are already people selling musescore on cd... And people buying it ... even if you can download it for free on this website.

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Don't want to make advertisements for these types of things ... because if it's legal to sell musescore, it's the result of free work time... but musescore can be found on ebay (search article id 270221956843). It's insane because it's free to download here... and it will remain.

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